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Grateful Dead Live at Greek Theatre - University of California on 1981-09-12

Set 1

Shakedown Street
Greatest Story Ever Told
Friend Of The Devil ->
El Paso
Bird Song ->
Tennessee Jed ->
Looks Like Rain
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider

Set 2

Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire On The Mountain
C C Rider
Estimated Prophet ->
Eyes Of The World ->
Space ->
Drums ->
Not Fade Away ->
Wharf Rat ->
Around And Around ->
One More Saturday Night

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Good Lovin'

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Date September 12, 1981
Venue Greek Theatre - University of California
Location Berkeley, CA

Source 3 Nakamichi 700's (l & R-Cross Cardiod, 6db Bass EQ, 75 Deg angle, center-omni straight at stage, 40 deg up) 40 feet from stage, dead center > 3 mic mixer(made by Jamie Poris) > Sony D5 > MAC (dolby B)
Lineage MAC (dolby B) > Nakamichi CR-5A (Dolby B) > Tascam HD-P2 > 24/96 Wave > Wavelab 5 > plugins > r8brain pro > 16/44.1 wave > CD wave > flac lvl 8 (TLH)
Taped by anonymous taper, Jamie Poris, Mark Severson
Transferred by Brian Green and Evan K.



- After the Egypt sources, the anonymous taper contacted me
to talk about transferring and editing some more masters from
his collection. These Greek Theater shows were a tapers choice,
a run he holds near and dear. These tapes were made by a group
of friends. The taper explained how he had spent the majority
of the weekend waiting in line just to get to the sweet spot
inside the venue where he knew the sound would be at its best.
He didn't want to see these tapes (and many others) that represent
wonderful moments in music history, deteriorate without ever being
circulated. For him, these tapes represent really great times,
where friendships were made by individuals from different
backgrounds and talents with a common goal of trying to capture
the sense of being there.

- Patch at the beginning of cassidy and it's all over now baby blue from shnID 23658

- Good Lovin patched in from shnID 23658

- All tape flips and short pauses between songs are cross faded

- Another nice speciman. Very full sounding.

- Thanks to MOTB for the use of the HD-p2


Reviewer: dedrok - - June 14, 2014
Subject: Very nice.
Thank you so much for the anonymous taper. I believe they captured the moment just fine. This is one I will add to my collection and I suggest anyone, who prefers audience over sound boards, do the same. Peace all.
Reviewer: mbrokedown - - September 3, 2011
Subject: late bloomer..but..
love these three daya, especially the 12th. I do not know how I overlooked them?. Kinda stuck in 71,72 & 76. Encourage all to have this run...
Reviewer: blang16 - - October 16, 2009
Subject: A Revelation
I didn't know this show. Had never heard it. I knew the Buffalo show from 9.26 and loved it, but this one ... So I read some reviews the other day and thought let's check it out. I'm working my way through Europe 72 right now, so I'm not really in an 80's frame of mind (that's my era, 82-90)

Now this show certainly has "it". It's got an energy and a sparkle that I thought was gone by this time. There are certainly moments in shows that had it, and wonderful "energy shows". But, this show has crisp jams, bright energy and most of all Garcia playing like he used to. It's truly a revelation..

The sow starts out with a wonderful Shakedown . There's moments during that jam that are almost reminiscent of a 77 Dancin in the Streets.

Greatest Story with careful snaky leads, a beautiful Friend of the Devil, and they're just getting warmed up.

Where do I go from here. The rest of the first set is played with an impassioned and clearly joyful purposefulness that's wonderful to behold. None of this later 80's frenetic heavy chord and runs up and down that everyone calls "shredding". No, this is Garcia playing meaningful leads, really working out the fingerboard as we know he certainly had known how to do, but somehow lost it around this time.

Look I know some out there will yell "What about Saratoga 83, Augusta 84 blah, blah". I was at those shows. Yea, they were great times and good energy. But something was always missing. Could it be the leads with a purpose. I know I'm gushing. But hey I'm excited. And let's be honest the thrill of discovering exciting new Dead (at least to my ears) is what brings us all back here..
Reviewer: N Hoey - - October 13, 2009
Subject: Number 2 version.
Sir-Mix-Alot you don't know what you are talking about. "Uneven" sound from Dolby B? It is a noise reduction process that works well when used properly.

This one is very clean, I knew these guys and thought they used DBX instead of Dolby but maybe that was later. But ie is also a little lean in the low end.

This one is just as clean but more full and the best version posted so far, as of 10/12/09.

Source: 2 Nakamichi 300 mics > Sony TC D-5m (Dolby B)(TDK SA-X 90, Maxell UDXL-II 90 'Estimated thru Baby Blue')
Lineage: Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > Panasonic SV 3700 DAT (A/D conversion)(HP data cartridge) > Apple G4 (RME interface)(Peak 5 editing) > Xact
Reviewer: Sir-Mix-Alot - - April 1, 2009
Subject: Powerhouse Dead...Awesome FOB...KILLER!
Holy Cow! Look at that setlist! The boys pull out all the stops for the home-town crowd. This set-list is like a greatest-hits concert, psychedelic style. Wonderful FOB recording, the best available of this concert, IMHO. I only have one small complaint: the taper used Dolby B, which results in a slightly uneven high end. The hiss could have been taken out digitally, or with a broad spectrum equalizer. What is done, is done, and we are still listening to a stellar audience recording. Killer performance and worth a download!
Reviewer: spacecowboy - - October 31, 2008
Subject: Just might be my favorite audience recording ever!
Seriously folks, this is a work of art. I have multiple copies of this show as it is one of the all time greats from the early 80's but this recording is amazing. I put my headphones on and was transported back in time to the Greek. I can't recall the last time I felt so good listening to a show. Thank you for your amazing effort.
Reviewer: Estimated Pete - - October 30, 2008
Subject: If you could pick just one to take with you
This is what I imagine will be played when I move on to the great beyond. The angel I thought I might never find...
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Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shnid=11362) Unknown Gen Cassette>CD; Benefit for Vietnam Veterans with guests; See info file for details; Seeded to etree by Jim Skinner + AUD1 (shn id 87547) 2nd Gen Cassette; Sennheiser 441s > Sony D5 Taper: unknown
Grateful Dead
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Source: Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; AKGC451EB/CK1's (DIN/DFC/Middle Of OTS/6 Feet High)> Whirlwind Phantoms>Sony TC-D5M, Tapes Sony Metal-ES; Transfer Information:Tascam 112 MKII (XLR Out)> Tascam HD-P2 @ 24/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed/Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44 By Keo; SBE's Checked/Fixed With Traders Little Helper; Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: 2 Nakamichi CM300s/ CP1s X-Y @ 90degrees w/1 Nakamichi CM300/CP2 bisecting the X-Y Pair> Nakamichi 550 w/Maxell XLIIS cassette masters. Dolby B was used on the Master Cassettes. Front Row of Lawn 8 foot stand
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shnid=183) SBD> master reel> cassette> Dat >HD> shn; transfer by T. Wul + AUD (shn id 126070) source: aud cassette master; taped by Jim Cooper; sony ecm22p's > hitachi trq-222; nak dragon > benchmark adc1 24/96 > adobe audition cs6 16/44.1 > flac; transfer & seed - Rob Berger - DTS mixing by Kevin Tobin
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
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Source: Recorded By Mason Taylor on a Nakamichi 550 Cassette Deck, on chrome tapes, with Nakamichi microphones
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: flac24: Master Audience Nakamichi CM300/CP4 Shotguns>Sony D6 Tapes:Maxell MX 90,100 Tapes From Floater,Transfer By Keo
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: (FOB) Nakamichi CM-300 (CP-1) x2 > Cassette Master (Sony TCD5M/Maxell XLII-S C-90); Recorded FOB from floor Section 3, Row Q, Seat 8
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; AKG451EB/CK1's (DIN/DFC/First 1/4 Of OTS/9 Feet High)> Whirlwind Phantoms>Teac DA-P20 @ 16/48 (Set 1) and Whirlwind Phantoms>Sony TC-D5M,Tape Denox MG-X (Set 2); Transfer Information Set 1:Sony R500>Tascam HD-P2 @ 16/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Transfer Information Set 2:Tascam 112 MKII>Tascam HD-P2 @ 24/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed/Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44 By Keo; SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's Little Helper; Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: First Generation Cassttes Unknown Mics/Deck,Unknown Original Transfer Info; Tapes From White,Transfer By Keo; Tapes:Maxell XLII 90,100; Transfer With Nakamichi MR-1>Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6 MHz; Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion/Flacked/Metadata Tagging With AudioGate Software To 24 Bit/96 kHz
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Nak300>CP4>D5 no dolby; ots dfc mics @10ft pas; cass(m)>hhb830 16/44.1 cds in 2003; cd>audacity +2.5>cdwave splits>tlh flac8